Let's ELABorate: The Elevate Your Business Roadmap

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Hey! Holli and Jacky here. 

When we asked our community what the hardest part of network marketing is, the top 3 answers were:

  1. The stigma of MLM - not wanting to come across as salesy

  2. Finding customers and teammates 

  3. Expanding their network

Yeah, us too. Back in August 2017 when we met, we knew we had to change things up. Sending spammy copy and paste messages to our high school friends we haven’t spoken to in years just didn’t feel right. And we’d basically avoid those who didn’t respond because… how embarrassing

We started seeking training from other sources and started creating our own content. Over the past year, we realized that there were a LOT of you feeling the same way we felt. 

So... we want to help you fix these things. Because ALL of those things are important before we start to thrive in our businesses. We’re bringing you a roadmap to dig into some solutions for these issues. 

Who is this course right for?

  • Anyone who wants to stop sending cold messages to your sorority sisters who won’t respond

  • Those who want to start feeling proud of their business again, rather than feeling icky and unsure how to talk about it and what others might think

  • Busy moms and busy people - it's straight and to the point: each module contains 20 minutes of content to watch in your own time, and the workbook is pdfs you can print and bring with you.

Who is this course NOT right for?

  • Anyone who wants to “get rich quick.” This process is a long-term commitment which will nurture relationships over time rather than hit everyone we know up, have them avoid us and we get burnt out.

  • Anyone who is not willing to try a new method. 

What's included in this course?

- Pre-work Module: Dig into to figure out how to attract your ideal customers and teammates, figure out how to talk about your business in an authentic and engaging way and how to keep, start, and stop doing things that will help your business grow.

- Module 1: Connection - why and how to connect and re-connect to grow your network and audience.

- Module 2: Vulnerability and Visibility - How to show up authentically and be seen by your ideal peeps on social media. 

-Module 3: Creating Curiosity and Social Proof: How to utilize the network you're building in an engaging way to have people asking you what you're up to and how to get involved.

- Workbook: Each module includes various workbook pages to print and work on to help you grow your business.


Course + Workbook $49

VIP Group $349 - Registration Closed

Mastermind Retreat $1049 - Registration Closed

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